Published On: March 16, 2020 01:50 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

If veins in our body stops supplying blood (POEM)

If veins in our body stops supplying blood (POEM)

They say that they are tired

When asked why?

They say it's boring to do the same things again and again

I wonder what will happen if veins in our body stops supplying blood due to tiredness saying why should I supply blood in same systems again and again?


Life at one point gets monotonous

It's the same routine day in and out

Nothing new gonna happen as you're the same

But remember it's you that have to keep going no matter how boring is the game.


If you want to succeed in life

The first thing that you have to set is the destination

The journey might get boring and you have to go through frustration

But remember what will happen if your breath starts getting bored and complain that they are tired and don't want to function; then just take a look into your imagination and test it with calibration.


Whenever you start something

There gonna be times when it starts to get boring

But that's the point where you are unknowingly going through your exams in life

Your willingness to surpass or tiredness to contract will decide your passion to change the ride.


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