Published On: February 18, 2019 11:27 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

I wonder

I wonder

I wonder how a single person can handle so many values

Values of religion

Values of family

Values of self

Values of society

Values of organisation

Values of friendship

Values of love

Values of desires

Values of what not

I wonder how can he manage to get into scrutiny of it


I wonder how does he lives with it

I wonder how does he takes decision to choose from it

I wonder how fair is it to him to go through all these values

I wonder how tangled he gets while solving those unknown bruise 

I wonder whether he gets what he wants to choose

I wonder does he settles down in contradictions to lose

I wonder does he ever get love of his life

I wonder does he ever get to make love in life

I wonder does he ever get to live his life

I wonder whether he has been satisfied at least for once

I wonder how painful it might be for him to juggle in somnolence

I wonder how many opportunities he might have loosed

I wonder how often he might have cried due to opposition of values

I wonder how far he have come

I wonder how brave he have become

I wonder how alone can he be

I wonder how sad his life can be

I wonder how cruel his fate can be

I wonder why don't these values go away and leave him to be free 


These values are killing him

These values are betraying him

These values are isolating him

These values are imprisoning him 

Sooner or later he will die within if these values keeps torturing him

I wonder how a single person can handle so many values.


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

I_wonder, slammed,

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