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Published On: October 13, 2018 10:29 AM NPT By: Reit Rajya Laxmi Rana

Howling age

Howling age

Finally I am 13 
My teenage has began
The time we write our stories
And the time we have.

Sooner I’ll be 14
Creating problems for myself
But enjoying some time
With my stupid best friends.

Oh yes I am finally 15
Oh no why boards are coming 
So now the big time comes
Where someone will pass and someone will fail.

Leaving my ok-ok grades behind 
I am finally 18
Where life turns out to be a little more interesting

More problems I had
And more fights I had 
But got closer to everyone 
Am I not right? 

The last day of the school
One confusing moment of my life
I am leaving my friends
But with some positive vibes. 

Today I am 25
Busy in my boring life 
That’s when I think 
How I miss my student life.

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