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Published On: June 15, 2017 10:45 AM NPT By: Newly Tuladhar

Her world of beautiful candles

Her world of beautiful candles

The husband started a small business for her wife so that she did not have to restrict herself only in household chores. The wife, a mother of three was bound to restrict herself at home to look after her mentally handicapped daughter. The husband had learnt the skills of making candles at the age of 11 to support his education.  Many years later, he passed down the skills and craft to his wife.

It all started in a small room, making the ordinary stick candles at first. It was just skill to be utilized spare hours at home. 21 years down the line, the wife has no spare time for her household chores now. She receives a numerous orders now and is any longer a housewife. She is an entrepreneur now. But she is unknown of this reality. She still thinks it’s a regular job done at her home and pretty naïve about the impact she is making in a world of business. Her candle business flourished widely and in a span of time, she started running a candle house. In the country, where candles were not given much appreciation, her herbal perfumed floating candles had become an important item in party palaces, restaurants and hotels. The company produced a wide variety and designs that were produced in Nepal and were utterly aromatic, attractive and unique.

After the demise of her beloved husband, the wife still struggled to live up to his husband’s dreams and aspirations. She, despite of her great loss, did not deterred and continued to live a life with great zeal. She, in her mid-fifties, continued to work harder and be independent. She thinks the quality of living on one’s own is what humans are born with. But she does not know the amount of courage she has and what it takes to have it to stand as a lone fighter. She now has been the role model to all the women motivating women on empowerment and entrepreneurship (even though a small business) that solely is delivered beautifully through her perfectly-crafted scented candles.

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