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Published On: April 18, 2019 12:05 PM NPT By: Sayana Rai



People gathered all around. The devil had escaped. I had failed her. Despite my best attempts all I managed to do was earn myself a bruised back, scrapped knees and the dreadful feeling of having that sick monster escape. Cars stopped, motorbikes slowed down. It was crowded as hell but it felt like it was just me and her.

It wasn’t the cold wind that made me shiver. It wasn’t the hot sun that got my cheeks heated up. It was something else. It wasn’t my empty stomach that made neither my knees weak nor the painful bruises on my back that had my eyes watery. It was something else. It was the sight in front of my eyes. The two brown eyes staring back at me. The body that ran around 24/7 now lying still, oblivious to the heart that was begging it to MOVE! The sight that was so dreadful I hadn’t the faintest strength in me to acknowledge it. Because if I did then my whole world would come crumbling down, my entire existence would stop making sense. Red always suited her but right now watching her covered in her own red blood, I felt like screaming my lungs out but nothing, nothing escaped my numb lips. I bit on my lower lip till the salty taste of blood filled my mouth as I stared at her. Unable to move, unable to process anything, unable to reach her and pull her to my aching heart, I stood there like a lifeless statue. My baby, my best friend, my bundle of joy, now nothing but a body waiting to decay and all this in just a heartbeat! 

I could feel my head spinning, my visions starting to blur, my legs beginning to give way.  The last glimpse I caught before my eyelids came together, blinding the world from me, was the corners of the beautiful lifeless mouth turn upward forming a gentle smile. The last thought that crossed my mind before darkness engulfed me was that it was my first, my first time seeing a dog smile.

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