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Published On: May 20, 2019 12:05 PM NPT By: Sandip Rijal

Future’s Petition

Future’s Petition

Natural resource is the soul for development and progress of the human society. There are no substitutes for the resources till date. We have understood that economic growth is possible only after the exploitation of resources. Does this world sustain with the prevailing pattern of resources use? Can we attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we have been targeting since 2015? What can be the approaches that we can follow to ensure the resources for now and coming generation? How can we halt the climate change, taken as greatest threat of the world in this era? Is it possible to maintain quality of life in next century also like we are having now?

We have limited options for the sustainability: either humanity need to shrink its impact giving space for nature or human society should adopt wise exploitation strategy in limit for the natural resources or last option is combining both. This age demands for the quality of life and stabilization of climate; at least pushed off through anthropogenic activities. It is undebatable to harmonize human society with nature to avoid economic and ecological breakdown. The unlimited discussion and meeting are to select the appropriate way to be followed in global scale to protect these invaluable natural assets.

The technologies developed are much dependent on more than an ecosystem than before. It has the capability to exploit resources in innumerable forms and ways. They can be either land drilling for oil or blocking the water flow for numerous uses. Human mind must be imprinted with “limits to growth” theory or there is no way in long run. No currency can substitute pure air we breathe or the water we drink. Furthermore, the word development/advancement needs to be applied only if it is in compliance with the environment. Personally, any innovation in technology or construction of physical infrastructure likely to harm environment are strictly not to be categorised as development/advancement and for sure they need to search for some appropriate word. The general public should understand that development is only sustainable development supporting environment and no concession at all. This civilization in not meant to dismantle the ecological balance in any way.

Human environmental impacts rise at a slower rate than overall economic growth although overall impact increases hitherto. Despite earth had handled the pressure with its finite resources and limited populationtill the date but its high time where geometrically propagating population need to seek the way for survival along with its living standard. We need to take care from now on as earth is already holdingever increasing population of seven billion since 2015 and likely to bemore than eleven billion in 2100 as projected by UN.We talk about quality of life but increased population will nonetheless need to struggle for food.The curve which we have learned have peak is always followed by decline until it reach its lowest pointin economics which corporates should apprehend and is not trivial for them also.

Cities have concentrated population than other spatial location. Reports claim that cities have nearly half of the world population in confined area. They have giving much stress to air, water and land resulting in hardship for living. The reason for hardship in city area are because of pollution resulting from exploitation of resources in commercial way compared to rural area who are using resources for their subsistence. The collision of finite place and infinite growth is seeking for the promising alternative.

However, this anthropocene epoch have some ray of hope. Earlier human population had larger individual footprints than societies have today although overall impact is accrual. It is believed that some of the advancement in technologies has helped in sustainable use of resources without gigantic impact on environment. People are much concern about environmental issues and making their effort to the possible extent. More conscious people and privilege of many resources with knowledge drive them to accomplish their responsibility from feeding increased population to nature protection and combating climate change. The study and researches need to be more comprehensive and longitudinal aimed to liberate environment from the economy. The global community needs much collaboration and severe rules against pollution and environmental degradation jeopardizing the ecological balance. A global authoritative structure need to be formed that will with no compromise follow the principal of “polluters pay” implementing in every nations of the world. Technological advancement especially in power sources is inefficient to combat climate change. This demands voices from all for prioritization to allocate funds in these fields. Modern education systems need to be intervened with delivering higher focus on environmental awareness and primacy for nature that no cost-benefit analysis can surpass its usefulness. The coming era of increased humans and decreasing resources can be halted only through deeper connection of human and environment where youth role is prominent. Finally, efforts of all the stakeholders from government, non-governmental organization, industries, education institute and every individual is inevitable for sustaining the planet as liveable and beautiful.

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