Published On: January 11, 2019 12:20 PM NPT

Friday's movie recommendation: Captain Fantastic

Friday's movie recommendation: Captain Fantastic

‘Captain Fantastic’ is a Matt Ross’s directorial movie that casts Viggo Mortensen as a father. A father, who is devoted in raising his six kids at the place isolated from the society, giving them intellectual education and training them to be physically fit and sporty. In a movie, a father is guiding his children to coexist with nature rather than using the technology. And after the death of kids’ mom, their adventure starts.

Picture Courtesy: courtneyhoffmandesigns

With soundtracks such as the cover version of Guns N’ Roses’ hit ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, a comedy and genre movie from 2016 is an amalgamation of great acting and beautiful crafted screenplay that one can hope to experience throughout the movie. 


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