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Published On: July 4, 2017 12:50 PM NPT By: Ritesh Tripathi

Fitness Craze in Birgunj

Fitness Craze in Birgunj

BIRGUNJ: Though Birgunj had only a few fitness clubs some years back, the city now has more than a hundred such clubs and gym houses. Among them, more than two dozen are running in a well managed and professional manner.

Earlier, people in Birgunj were hesitant to join gyms and fitness clubs as gym goers were seen as idle and rowdy. Though people working in the fields had well-shaped bodies thanks to their manual labor, others simply couldn’t grasp the idea of exercising for physical well being.

The opening of Public Fitness Center in Birgunj has changed the locals’ perspective towards gyms and exercising. Within one month of its opening, Public Fitness Center has 140 regular fitness lovers coming in each day. Karan Yadav, owner of Public Fitness Center said, "Mostly youngsters are concerned about fitness. They have passion, follow their instructor and give their full time. Not only the number of fitness lovers has increased, their dedication level has also been amplified."

Karan, who had won the title of ‘Mr Birgunj- 2016’, says regular exercise helps to strengthen self-confidence. He said the center has three professional instructors, including him, to train and guide their customers. The increasing number of fitness clubs in Birgunj has also provided fitness lovers an opportunity of making a career out of it.

There are more than 2,000 regular gym goers in Birgunj, according a local senior body builder Shekh Wasim. He said, “The availability of modern equipment locally is the main reason people are attracted towards fitness clubs these days. Besides, these clubs also have experienced trainers. The scenario was different in the past. We’d make do with local instruments, and they were risky.”

Shekh recollects how he along with his ten friends established a gym in Birgunj some 30 years back. He said they used wooden benches in primitive style to exercise. They had only a few dumbbells, while the rest of the equipment was locally made.

Senior body builders like Shekh today have become role models for the new generation. With gyms and fitness clubs mushrooming in Birgunj, over a dozen shops selling fitness equipment have also been launched.

“Body building is not just exercising, it is our passion and dedication,” said Alok Mishra, Mr Birgunj 2015. He added, "If interested people take gyms seriously, they can make it a business and eventually turn fitness world into an industry."

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