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Published On: July 30, 2017 11:12 AM NPT By: Nasana Bajracharya

First PTN Meet-up 2k17 held in Kathmandu

Members of Pen_Tester_Nepal organized the first #Pen_Tester_Nepal Meet-up 2k17 to address IT and hacking issues in Islington College on

The one-day meet-up, divided into different sessions, saw the attendance of over 80 participants. Aditya Khati, member of PTN, started the meet-up stating that hacking was not limited to Facebook accounts. He also talked about shoulder surfing, bad password practices and use of virtual private networks, and how people can use them to make their Facebook or online accounts secure.

Participants later showcased presentations on various Facebook and hacking related issues. Santosh Bhandari, another member of PTN, discussed about Facebook’s security issues and ways to solve them.

In the other session, Samir Gautam, a PTN member, talked about ransomware and how the trend of ransomware has changed. Meanwhile, Nirmal Dahal, another PTN member, demonstrated how he executed hacking and resolved hacking incident in real time.
Apart from these sessions, the meet-up also had Q&A session, where participants put forward their queries on hacking and networking issues.

According to the organizers, they had initially thought of hosting the meet-up in a tea-time discussion format among the group members. However, an unexpected number of participants signed-up in only two days after the organizers created an event on Facebook.
A PTN member, Abartan Dhakal, also discussed the possibility of taking similar discussion programs on a national level and raising awareness about cyber security.


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