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Published On: December 20, 2021 02:30 PM NPT By: Raina Agrawal

Female future leaders

Female future leaders

What are the challenges faced by today’s women in leadership roles? A leader has the quality to not only lead the group but also keep a constant eye on his followers so that his troops don’t slip from the track. I believe the essence and backtrack of leadership can be summed up in one word – Service. It is not a special power given to individuals to dictate and take advantage of but a blessing in disguise for society and its citizens. Men have always been categorized as a pillar of support and strength or what people would call ‘manliness’. On the other hand, women have been viewed as nurturing resilient figures. This over the years has evolved and feministic views have supported women to push themselves in all areas of expertise including leadership roles. The most prominent example of today is the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, or the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden.
Throughout history, the rank of women has been extremely pivotal in the development of humans. It is even said that without the contribution of women in the business, political, economic, social, and national activities the growth of the country will stagnate. Women aren’t considered as high as men are. People fail to believe that even women can hold high positions in the world and make progress. Despite the unique challenges faced by female leaders, women continue to push through barriers as they serve their mission and reach their full potential. From being held to a lower standard than their male counterparts, to facing persistent gender stereotypes, women are systematically placed on an uneven playing field. For women, it may be a challenge to trust in the unique aspects of female executive presence and acknowledge them as personal and organizational assets. For example, Jacinda Arden the prime minister of New Zealand. Despite bringing about so many changes as a leader, she faced criticism for the things she didn’t do. Her wins were not celebrated but her failures were pointed out only because she is a woman. 
Women bring us into the world. They deserve equal rights as their male counterparts. Females have caught up with men in terms of education and have helped in advancements across the world. People have been accustomed to the ideology of women being housewives and men doing all the work outside the house but this isn't the case anymore. Women do not get paid the same as men in the same workplace, women are limited to certain industries and over-suppressed in others.
In a country like Nepal where women are given the status of goddess. They are worshiped like goddesses but on the other hand, they are also abused endlessly, and they consider women to be inferior. In the early days, there were severe issues like the Sati system and no widow remarriage have been removed from society but the mentality it has formed has failed to evolve. Leadership is one of the pivotal positions which can help change these ideologies among people.


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