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Published On: May 28, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Feelings starts rolling

Feelings starts rolling

The thoughts of yours keeps flowing like a river in my mental shower         

And I get bathed time and often

Despite doing so much in my control to stop drenching

It soaks and wets me heavier and I no longer can't escape from beguiling.


It's so much of pain to ignore you despite you're always in my mind and heart

It's so much of hesitation to me whether to come to you to talk as you're around boulevard.

I take a deep sigh as my heartbeat keeps rolling whenever I sense you're near me 

It takes my breath away despite ignoring you, our eyes meet and feelings starts rolling.


I can't do much as you know such 

I can't force you to love me as I love you much

I've never wanted the forceful love

But the one that has emotions to tuck inside to rock whenever feelings match to continue pulse.


But I don't get the message of why you come to me 

You've denied my love every single time when I expressed my feelings for you to agree

I have tried going faraway from you as it was a rejection and lost it's destination

But somehow it's connecting as if you want me no matter how much you might have denied but hearts wants for reunion.


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