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Published On: December 20, 2019 12:31 PM NPT By: Republica

Fashion mistakes to leave behind

Fashion mistakes to leave behind


Avoiding color

Many people are scared to wear bright color. Basic colors like black and white may make you feel comfortable and confident. However, adding a little color to your wardrobe wouldn't hurt. 

Not thinking and buying impractical pieces

In 2020, be a bit smarter about your investments. Do not buy impractical clothes. Think properly before buying and only buy cloths that you will wear.

Thinking mixing gold and silver is a no

This is so untrue. If you think this, you’ll be missing out on wearing all of your favorite pieces together, not to mention miss out on awesome jewelry trends.

Diversify your wardrobe

If you tend to buy the same types of items over and over again such as jeans, tees, and boots, because that’s what you like to wear most. But when it comes time to go to an event, or if you simply feel like dressing up that day you will have nothing fun or interesting to put on. So, branch out and invest in more statement items that are still versatile.


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