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Published On: April 10, 2022 05:26 PM NPT By: Samir Shakya

Evolution of Our Body and Soul

Evolution of Our Body and Soul

We human beings have evolved from a single-celled organism to a complex multicellular organism, who can think about its origins. Similarly, our consciousness/ soul must have evolved alongside our body.

The human body is a combination of appropriate hardware (our body) with appropriate software (our consciousness/ soul). A mobile phone from the early 2000 cannot support the latest software because it is too advanced to run on predated hardware. Similarly, a lesser evolved organism cannot function with a higher level of consciousness. So, to meet that the body and the consciousness/ soul must have evolved together.

 We human beings are at the pinnacle of evolution from the physical body and the soul. This universe is also evolving from the Big bang to the creation of matter, the creation of galaxies, the creation of humans, the destruction of stars, and forming of black holes.

 According to Thomas Young’s Double Slit Experiment matter (in this case a single unit of light also known as a photon) is shot through two narrow slits at a photoreceptor and it has to pass through the left or the right slit. When observed the photon passes through the left or the right slit. But when no one is observing the photon passes through both the slits. He explains that matter acts as a particle when observed and as a wave when no one is observing. So, it passes like a wave through both the gaps.

As the world around us evolves, the matter that makes up our world has a dual personality as a particle (tangible like our body) and as a wave (intangible like our soul). We humans have to think beyond ourselves, but as a species for the evolution of our body and soul.



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