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Published On: September 20, 2019 03:00 PM NPT By: Umidh KC

Everything comes to an end

Everything comes to an end

“That which came together will fall apart imperceptibly slowly.” Death may refer to the end of life as either an event or condition. Eventually, everything we know will come to an end. The people you love and the things you love will come to its inevitable end. I am sorry to bum you out but it is the life’s sad truth, it is nature’s sad truth. And many religions say that there is some kind of afterlife or rebirth. I believe that it is just a comforting mechanism or a way to comfort people about the idea of death. People are usually scared of death or the idea of not being able to see their loved ones anymore or not being able to do things they love. There can be a million reasons why people are scared of death. Well, everything will fall apart eventually. Everything from the greatest invention or discovery of our era will eventually fall apart or forgotten. Everything we do will be forgotten and our fondest memories will be forgotten. Our legacies will be forgotten.

Why don’t we want to die? Well, what are we living for? If all will fall apart then why are we making them in the first place?  Why are we alive? We all do the same thing at the same time 4-5 days a week and it feels like a circle of our life and well that may make life seem meaningless. And we seek to answer and clarity to our existence. Life feels like a mary-go-round that just goes round and round until death stops it. Life seems to have no meaning. We are all looking for the meaning of life and well it seems that there is no meaning and well that is the harsh reality. We expect a meaning for our existence but in reality there isn’t one. But we must make our own meaning. As life goes on we make our own meaning of life. We perceive life as what we feel life really is. We may still not find any meaning. But still with the question about life’s meaning linger. We still are not ready to die. People kill themselves not because they are not scared of death but they are scared of something more than the idea of death itself. We all are scared of death because we consider death as a bad thing. Well if look at it closer death is easier than life. But we take the harder option. Maybe, death is so terribly final, while life is full of possibilities. But that maybe the reason we are scared of death. We are scared because we want to explore all the possibilities. We want to know what life has to offer. One of the reasons could that we do not know what is after death or maybe we ignore or don’t care enough to care about what happens after death or maybe we are scared to find out. But it is the same as before birth. Nothing is there before life and after death. So we should not be afraid of death as there is nothing after death. But maybe we are not scared of what is after death but what was before death. We are scared because we forget what we loved as there is nothing after death and everything will eventually fall apart. We must not be scared of death as there is nothing to be scared off. Well, we should consider death as a blessing rather than it being a curse. Life is the one we should be scared of rather than death. According to Alan Watts death is like a sleep you never wake from. It may sound scary but if you really think about it sleeping is very pleasant and we are pissed when we are disturbed while sleeping. We are scared because the idea of dying is foreign or not know to us and we are scared of things we know nothing about.

I am also scared of death. Not my death but the death of my loved ones. I am scared more of life than death. The reason is I don’t know what misery life will hold and all the heartbreaks I might have. I am open death because I don’t have much to lose so I am not much scared like others. As I stated before fearing of losing is one of the reasons for fear of death. My views about life and death have changed a lot. I hope it shows the journey I have been through while writing and thing about this.

I was inspired by Albert Camus, Alan Watts and John Green.



Everything, comes, end,

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