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Published On: November 6, 2018 08:56 AM NPT By: Saru Dumaru

Every Street Dog Needs Its Rights

Every Street Dog Needs Its Rights

Every creature in the nature has equal rights to live. Street dogs should get the same rights as pet dogs. Many animals suffer from different types of pain just because they cannot speak. Why don’t people understand that animals too have rights? They have the right to be loved and helped. A life is precious and it should be valued by everybody

There are many functional organizations that include human rights and animal rights in their official names. The total count of street dogs in Nepal is estimated to be about 22555. However, when time the right time comes to helping these animals, most of the times, the organizations either backtrack or try avoiding such cases.

A similar incident took place in Bhaktapur (Dekocha). While I was returning back home, a dog was brutally hit by a vehicle and was struggling for life. Nobody present dared top help him despite his utter pain and cry. Passerby pretended as if they did not see him. Different animal right organizations and hospitals avoided treating him giving excuses. 

Where is our morality? Somehow, we managed to take him to a nearby house and feed him initially. We then looked for many organizations and animal rights groups to help him, but no one came to his rescue. Finally I somehow managed to contact an animal lover. Her name was Romi Lama. She rescued the street dog through her effort. She promised to finance all the treatment charges and we took the dog to a hospital as she suggested. We are very thankful to her.

This way, we saved a life. There are many street dogs still waiting to be rescued and looked after. We should give preference in adopting the dogs who are waiting to get a family. Instead, we look for breeds and brands. Whatever the breeds may be, they all are the same: ordained to human stimulation and love.

They all grow up on the basis of how we treat and nurture them. It’s not that the good breed dogs only understand the humans. Street dogs and the strays are as lovable and understanding if given a chance. It all depends on how they are being treated or taken for. The pain felt by all creatures is same, no less no more in quantity. So they should not be classified and segmented. We should not take the decision of responsibility of a pet and throw them to suffer and survive in the streets for any reason whatever. Owing pets take a big responsibility and privilege which comes with greater and mutual benefits. We should give time, love and affection to take care of them and nurture them. 

We worship dogs in Tihar. I wonder if it really makes sense worshipping them once a year. Suring the remaining days, we don’t care and beat them. It’s time to think of our moral responsibilities. I would also urge all the people to show respect, care and love them. As much as you love your pet animals at home. These dogs deserved it too.  

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