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Published On: July 19, 2020 06:40 PM NPT By: Republica

Enough is Enough, Satyagraha to save lives (With Video)

Satyagraha resumes at Basantapur on Saturday as the government failed to address the demands of Enough is Enough Campaigners. The campaign is an independent collective movement, initiated and joined by thousands of Nepali youths all around Nepal demanding a better COVID-19 response from the Nepal government.

The Satyagraha that started on June 26 lasted for 12 days without food and water until July 7 with an agreement with the government which promised to address the 12 points of the Enough is Enough Nepal Movement.

Two Satyagrahis, Iih and Pukar Bam broke their indefinite fast after the government agreed to address the demands on the 12th day of the Satyagraha in hopes of the government to deliver what they promised during the agreement.

However, it has been almost two weeks since the memorandum of agreement was signed between the Ministry of Health and Population and the Satyagrahis, the government is yet to take any action and implement what was promised to the youths in the movement.

Nevertheless, to respond the same, the second phase of Satyagrah began to let the government know that youths had had enough of the false promises for the demands that are being constantly delayed to be delivered.

As a result, from July 18 at Basantapur, Kathmandu they have called for an indefinite and mass Satyagraha until all their demands are fulfilled for a better COVID-19 response to save lives that are at risk due the government’s continual incompetence. Till Sunday they had more than 30 people who joined in with books and placards, ensuring physical distance inside the tent setup in the open area near the Kumari ghar of Basantapur with the support of the locals and volunteers.

Iih, once again is in indefinite Satyagraha until all the demands are fulfilled for a better COVID-19 response to save the lives that are at risk due to the government’s continual incompetence. He says, “The Satyagraha is open to all who wish to join and do their bit to save lives before it is too late and it is time for youngsters to speak up.”



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