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Published On: August 16, 2019 09:43 AM NPT By: Agencies

Eat these foods to prevent the risk of stroke: Study

Eat these foods to prevent the risk of stroke: Study


It is rightly said that health is wealth. There are thousands of diet plans and studies that focus on improving and safeguarding our health.
According to a new study, it is found that people who like including more plant-based foods in their daily diets have a significantly lower chance of suffering from a heart attack or stroke, compared to those who consume a higher amount of animal-based foods.

The research was conducted by scientists from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the findings were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association that determined the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet.

The researcher examined the food eating pattern of middle-aged adults from the US over a period of 29 years and again they also segregated the plant and animal-derived food eaters into two groups to find out that plant-eaters have a lower chance of strokes compared to the meat-eaters. The report also analyzed the fact that plant-eaters generally tend to live longer and the chances of death due to cardiovascular diseases significantly reduce compared to animal-meat consumers. The findings also suggested that people who eat plant-based foods also have a lesser chance of death due to diseases.

The report clarified the fact that it isn’t important to completely discard the consumption of meat or animal-derived foods for a positive result. However, it suggests that one should focus on consuming more plant-based foods while including a smaller portion of animal-derived foods as well. The team is now focusing on to find out whether the quality of the plant-foods impact on cardiovascular health or not.

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