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Published On: September 16, 2023 01:15 PM NPT By: Republica

Dr Tulsi Acharya Unveils 'Mrityu Diary,' a thought-provoking literary work

Dr Tulsi Acharya Unveils 'Mrityu Diary,' a thought-provoking literary work

KATHMANDU, Sept 16: A special ceremony held in the capital on Friday saw the official release of Dr. Tulsi Acharya's latest literary masterpiece, 'Mrityu Diary,' which translates to 'Death Diary' in English.

The event witnessed the presence of notable figures including Nepali film director Prakash Sayami, Dr. Ambuj Karna, Dr. Pushpa Mani Kharal, literary critic Dr. Geeta Tripathi, singer Sangeeta Shakya Thapa, journalist Gopikrishna Dhungana, and Moharaj Sharma, who jointly unveiled the book.

Expressing his thoughts on this literary creation, Sayami commended 'Mrityu Diary' for presenting events and context from a fresh and honest perspective. He highlighted the societal reluctance to openly discuss illnesses like cancer, especially with children, and how this dynamic is artfully portrayed in the book.

Critic Dr. Tripathi described the book as a narrative of emotions and a fusion of life with literature. She remarked, "This work provides an insightful response to the timeless question of death's eternity." Journalist Gopikrishna Dhungana, who served as the book's editor, emphasized the enigmatic and cinematic writing style of 'Mrityu Diary,' presenting death itself as a mysterious motif.

Dr Acharya, the author, shared that the book delves into the profound impact of a daughter coping with her parents' demise and her subsequent battle with cancer.

The book release function featured discussions by medical experts on the doctor-patient relationship and the interconnection between the disease and the patient. Additionally, cancer survivor and singer Shakya shared her inspiring autobiography.


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