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Published On: September 15, 2023 12:49 PM NPT By: Republica

Dogxim: Cross-breeding of dogs and foxes!

Dogxim: Cross-breeding of dogs and foxes!

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: The ancestors of foxes, ferrets, wolves, and dogs are believed to be the same. Zoologists say that they have become separated from each other over time. Experts believe that these animals are different from each other due to their 'cross-breeding'. But is it possible to breed puppies from dogs and foxes in modern times? It may be possible in the laboratory, but how likely is it to be born naturally in the forest? Currently, Brazilian scientists are trying to solve this puzzle.

In 2021, a dog-like animal was injured by a car in a wild area of Brazil. The owner then rushed the dog to the animal hospital.  

Doctors involved in medicine became interested after seeing this animal, which looked like a dog but had never been seen before. Doctors were surprised when it actually looked like a dog but behaved like a fox. Later, as the interest about this animal grew, other scientists also joined the study.

According to the latest examination of scientists, it is believed that this dog-like species must have been given birth by a fox. Both dog and fox genes have been found in this animal. But scientists are still confused as to what breed of domestic dog the dog's genes were found to be. Scientists believe this is the first instance in modern history of a creature born of a fox and a dog.

Scientists have named it 'Dogxim'. As soon as you look at Dogxim, you think of both a dog and a fox. Scientists say that it does not eat the homemade food that the dog eats, but likes the taste of an alive mouse. Scientists have also found that a Dogxim  gets initially impatient when they see people around, but gradually feel the warmth. They say that the aggression found in wild animals is not seen in this animal.  

Dogs have 78 chromosomes whereas foxes have 74 chromosomes. A Dogxim is found to have 76 chromosomes. Scientists claim that if a dog and a fox give birth to a child, they will have 76 chromosomes. After examining its DNA, Dogxim's body was found to be a mixture of fox and dog, as published in the Animal journal.


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