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Published On: November 12, 2017 10:09 AM NPT By: Sonam Lama/ Aditya Neupane

Dog Party For Pet Welfare

Dog Party For Pet Welfare

When it comes to opting for a faithful pet, dogs top the list and they are highly preferred among other animals. Acknowledging the importance of pet welfare, the first ever dog party was held at Around the Corner in Bansbari on Saturday.

The initiative that works for canine welfare and breed promotion, population control and accumulate data to upgrade dogs’ welfare in Nepal was organized by K9 Dog Training and Care based in Sanepa and Abstract pets based in Swoyambhu. The fundamental objective of the event was to assemble dog lovers of the capital to socialize their pets and aware the owners about pet health and welfare. 

The significance of the event was to help build a network between a group of pet owners in Kathmandu in order to support the works and raise fund for the Kennel Club. The event included two major workshops conducted by Dr Sushil Poudel and Jay Narayan Singh on dog health. The event also ran a 15-minute talent show which was followed by a dog ramp show with the owners. 

Moreover, it included sessions where pet owners were provided with a platform to talk about their pets and learn more about pet behavior and health. The party further offered a food fest for the dogs and refreshments for the owners. At least 60 breeds of dogs that made to the event with their owners were barely trained.

Under the presentation of Kennel Club, the event provided guidelines on pet keeping and focused on the importance of dog trainings. Since most of the dogs that made to the event were not trained, the event also aimed at making the owners aware of the fact that besides basic needs their pets also need exercise and training to have a full-fledged growth. 

“In order to promote awareness on dog health and well-being, we have also been planning to conduct a dog show under the Kennel Club which would specialize on trained dogs championship and acrobatics,” said Paras Kapali of Abstract Pets.

Since pet welfare has been given the least priority, the Kennel Club joined hands with Abstract Pets to run this initiative for the first time in Nepal. “Like humans who require education to lead a civilized and improved life, it is very important to provide training to pets in order to maintain their physical and cognitive wellbeing,” said dog trainer Sushmita Ranjit of K9 Dog Training and Care.

Sujan Shrestha 

Student of International Baccalaureate at Ullens College, Patan

This is my first experience of a dog party, and I am here with my Labrador which is four years old. We brought him home during the World Cup of 2014 so we named him Fourteen. Though he is big and shy in nature, this program is perfect to boost his confidence and I feel delighted to be here with him. It is a great deal to keep a dog as we have been treating him like our family member and providing him with everything that he needs. I think people should be prepared well before they get a pet for themselves.

Jamuna Tamang  

Air Hostess 

I am a huge fan of dogs and I have a dog named Nachi. He is three months old and is very friendly. I haven’t trained my dog yet because he is too small, but I am planning to send him for his training after some months because it is very important for dogs to be trained. It is important to teach your dogs manners and training centers are schools for dogs. Nachi belongs to the Apso breed and playing with his furs really helps to reduce my stress.

Laxman Pujari  

Tattoo Artist

I have been to these kinds of dog shows before, but this party is quite different. I have two Labradors, two Siberian Huskies and one Golden Retriever. I couldn’t bring all of them here, so I brought my two Siberian Huskies. The breed is not common in Nepal, so I brought them two from Australia. I am an artist, therefore, have busy schedules, but these five lovely creatures help me to relax after work. I used to train them daily before going to work, but now I am thinking of getting a professional trainer. 

Rubina Shakya 

Student of Masters in Economics at Golden Gate Int’l College

I have been to other dog fashion shows, but this is my first time here. I have a Japanese Spitz and a Cocker Spaniel and they are dear friends to me. Both of them are social so it is not difficult for me to handle them. Today I am here with Bachhi (Cocker Spaniel) and she is three years. We pamper Bachhi and I always try my best to keep her happy. Both of my dogs are not trained so they are pretty undisciplined, but I adore them for what they are. It sometimes gets difficult to manage them during the rainy season, but as I am a dog lover I manage to somehow keep them calm. 

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