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Doctor with good leadership promise

Doctor with good leadership promise

KATHMANDU, May 27: If you are determined to do something concentrating all your strengths on the objective, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Age, geographical location, caste and class, all become secondary in the face of zeal and ambition. 

Dr Prakash Banjade, 28, an aspiring youth leader and general physician is an example. He comes from a rather humble background from a remote village in Arghakhanchi district. He grew up without the enjoyment of basic privileges like electricity and telephone service. But he saw his problems as opportunity. 

Dr Banjade finished his higher study from Janata Secondary School, Arghakhanchi and was a brilliant student. He also participated in inter-school speech competition. His essay entitled ‘Effect of civil war on children’ got second position in a regional competition which was organized by Nepal Red Cross Society in 2003. He then studied intermediate level in general medicine at the National Academy for Medical Science, Kathmandu and completed MBBS from Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu (affiliated to Kathmandu University). Then he started medical practice and also became an editorial board member at International Journal of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. He also worked with Amnesty International Nepal and Kathmandu Medical College social club.

The doctor has been actively involved in promoting access to human rights and democracy education services to the rural community since the age of 10 years through Nepal Red Cross Society and child rights clubs, among others. He joined United Nations Youth and Student Association of Nepal as a general member of in 2009 and worked as a president from 2014 to 2018. He is a firm believer in the idea that young people are the leaders of tomorrow. “I will fight for the right of youths in public decision making process around the world. I think we can, and we must, invest more in our youths because they are the leaders of tomorrow,” shared Banjade.

He also believes that basic health facilities should be taken as fundamental rights for everyone. But the reality makes him sad when he finds that health care is a far-off dream for marginalized and poor people. “I am interested in medical research and new discoveries in medical science. I would like to change the concept of health care system,” he explained. He wants to do away with the situation that some people die of illnesses that could be easily cured but were deprived of that simply because they couldn’t afford it. He said in any society health facilities should be made affordable because strong nations are made by healthy people and that the world is better with such people. 

He suggests the youth to give their best while studying. He believes reading books like Guru Saran Das’ ‘The Difficulty of Being Good,’ and Stephen Covey’s ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People’ can help get useful ideas about personal development. 

“Google and other search engines on the internet from which you can get lots of advices on how to succeed in life. Good luck, of course, may have some role and that’s beyond your control. Hard work is something that most of us need to do. But when hard work and good luck are combined with some strategic decisions, they can lead you to a path of success.”

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