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Published On: November 2, 2017 11:40 AM NPT By: Saurav Ranabhat

Doctor by degree,  writer by heart

Doctor by degree,  writer by heart

Amardeep Keshari is a 23 year old writer from Kalaiya, Bara. Though he graduated from Wesleyan University in the US as a neuroscientist, he later decided to pursue a writing career. He is currently living in Shantinagar with his brother.

Amardeep was a bright kid as he always topped the class and received scholarships. He later found out that he cannot have babies due to some health issues. He believes that God wanted to create only one Amar and made sure no part of him is left behind when he dies.

“At first I felt cheated as I was not immortal. While everyone else would leave a part of them to the world after they die in the form of their offspring, I cannot have kids,” says Amardeep. Amar also suffers from dextrocardia, a rare heart condition.

Upon coming to terms with all his health issues, Amar then began an adventure he'd never have volunteered for otherwise. Instead of choosing to work as a behavioral economist or a growth manager for Facebook's or a neuroscientist as he had offers galore, he shifted gears to become a writer. He has written a book called ‘Dr Mafia’ so that he could leave something for the people after he dies. Amar is currently working as a US Embassy Youth Council member. 


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