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Published On: December 18, 2018 09:47 AM NPT By: Republica

Dip in Donuts

Dip in Donuts

Happiness with sprinkles on top

KATHMANDU, Dec 18: Donuts can be served for different reasons: a lunch, a breakfast or a dessert. It can be plain or mixed with various sweet creams both on the inside and outside. Be it vanilla or chocolate flavored cream, the donut with such creams provides a way to fade our appetite and our long craving for a tasty food.

Basically, when it comes to food like donuts, it’s either plain or creamed. The beautiful contrast is that people often ignore most of the flavors of donuts beside the plain and creamed categories. Since the different flavors of donuts are still unknown, brands like ‘Dip In Donuts’ exist in the market to meet the needs of donut lovers who want to explore varieties of donut flavors.

‘Dip in Donuts’ is one of the new brands in the market. Having only been 7 months since its inception, the brand has grown from having a stall to owning a shop around Baluwatar. It was by Manjil Man Shrestha and Safina Manandhar. Having worked in an airline for a half decade, Shrestha had always thought of having his own venture. He needed a team. As a result, he and Manandhar worked to have their own venture that serves donuts with different flavors.

“Like most of the people, I also didn’t know about donuts other than plain and creamed ones,” says Shrestha. Shrestha says that he was inspired from movies. He says, “When I watched movies, I used to see donuts which I didn’t know at that time. That lack of knowledge about the flavors of donuts made me research on different flavors of donuts and learnt to make them. And, I decided to bring these different donut flavors to the market after learning. Besides, I had always wanted to have my own business.”

Despite bringing a range of taste in the market, Shrestha still finds it painstaking to sell the products. He thinks people still have a traditional mindset. He laments, “There are people who don’t know about flavors. I was like them when I initially discovered them. It’s difficult to make them understand the concept of donuts. Making them taste new products is really tough.”

According to Shrestha, the brand is still young and there is a lot to achieve. Shrestha wishes that people will someday have knowledge about donuts and end their traditional mindsets. Shrestha also wants to expand his donuts business. “We have established our shop at Baluwatar. Soon we’ll start shops all around Kathmandu and also outside the capital. Let’s see how 2019 will treat us,” adds Shrestha.  When asked about his thoughts on starting an academy to train enthusiasts on making donuts, he said that it is possible. They are looking forward to conduct trainings in the coming days. “On the long run, if our business gets recognized, we will surely go for the academy.” Shrestha adds.

Working strategy
One can go to the shop or he/she can order online. there is a delivering service for orders above Rs 300. The price range of a product starts from Rs 30. The highest price charged for a donut is Rs 120. Besides, the brand is also all ears to orders for birthdays and other special occasions. However, they have their named their donut cake which they sell for various special occasions. They call it the ‘Donut Tower’.


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