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Published On: June 13, 2018 06:17 AM NPT By: Sarita Shrestha

Dhading awaiting the kick off

Dhading awaiting the kick off

FIFA World Cup is right around the corner and gathering the interest of all football fanatics from across the globe. Russia will be playing host to the upcoming football extravaganza and is all set to leave the participating officials, players, and visitors enthralled.  With the wait finally coming to its end, the game is all set to begin. All football enthusiasts are all hyped for the World Cup. Though the games are scheduled to be hosted in Russia, its craze is widespread. 

At present, all social platforms, and sports shops are flaunting accessories associated with the FIFA World Cup. While the sports centers have left no stone unturned to decorate their shops with sports memorabilia, fans are flooding the social media showing support for their respective teams. 
Even more, sports enthusiast has already started speculating the match results. Roshan Koirala of Nilkantha Municipality is an avid fan of Argentina. He started following World Cup from 2010. He admires Lionel Messi and Sergio Agüero. Further, he is certain that Argentina will lift the trophy this year. Koirala cherishes Messi’s skills and on-field discipline. Apart from following the Argentinean star, on all social platforms, he’s showed his sheer devotion to his team by also changing his profile picture. “I plan to watch this World Cup with my brothers. I have also replaced my profile picture with Argentina’s jersey,” he added. 
Meanwhile, journalist Manish Dawadi is a Brazil supporter. Dawadi is showing his support by replacing his photo with the yellow Brazilian jersey as his profile picture on social. If you scroll through his profile, you’ll find nothing but snippets in favor of Brazil. He can’t wait to see his favorite player, Neymar, hit the fields in the World Cup. 

The influence of FIFA World Cup in Nepal is ever so high. Whether it’s the streets, public spaces, or social media, they all exhibit the excitement of people toward the World Cup. World Cup discussions, result speculations, and verbal conflicts between two rival sides are already on its full fledge. 

Sandeep Thapaliya of Muralibhanjyang will be supporting the German side. Manuel Neuer is Thapaliya’s favorite player.  

He hopes to see Germany repeating history. The thrills of the games have captivated people of all ages. It’s gotten buffs of all ages together to celebrate the glory of the game. 14-years-old Nabin Shrestha from Dhading Besi is a Portugal fan. Cristiano Ronaldo is his favorite player and he is eager to see him in action. “As a Portugal fan, I hope to see Portugal taking home the trophy this time,” he said. 

The FIFA World Cup ,starting from Thursday, is likely to create a rift between members of the same family. Tola Kumari and her son Gaurab Pathak’s differences have gotten them to pick rival teams. While Tola Kumari is all set to support Argentina, Gaurab will be taking Brazil’s side.

Increase in Jersey sales

As only a few days remain until the official kickoff, the business of football jersey has also spiked. Increase in the business of football kits shows the craze for football in Nepal. Football enthusiasts have started collecting accessories of their favorite teams, so football accessories vendors are busy clearing the piles of World Cup accessories. 

You can also notice football fans flaunting jersey in the social media, and their locality. Entrepreneurs of Dhading Besi claim that their business increased with the World Cup approaching nearer.  

Local entrepreneurs of Dhading stated that, of all participating countries, jerseys of  Brazil, Argentine, Spain, Germany, and Portugal are in the highest demand. The costs of jerseys range between Rs 700 to Rs 900 depending on their quality.  

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