October 10, 2018

Delicious Newari cuisines at Foodland

Delicious Newari cuisines at Foodland

DHARAN, Oct 10: Foodland, a restaurant which will be serving Newari cuisines is going to be launched in Dharan on Ghatasthapana. The restaurant is a joint initiative of Oman returnees Pukal Rai and Arbind Shrestha.

The duo returned home hoping to sustain their lives back in Nepal. They eventually stumbled upon an the idea of establishing a restaurant that specialized in providing Newari food items. 

The assortment of Newari cuisines provides a typical ambiance of a Newari home. The owners claim that their venture would fill the void of family restaurants in Dharan. The establishment is preparing for inauguration on Ghatasthapana.  Newari cuisine like sapumhicha, shon, chhoila, along with special varieties of chatamari and bara are the specialities of the restaurant. Likewise, fish, chicken and mutton are also available at the eatery.

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