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Published On: September 19, 2018 11:22 AM NPT By: Yubraj Giri

Death penalty for rapist?

Death penalty for rapist?

Nowadays, most of the media have been covering news of rape and sexual abuse, and the majority are preaching in favor of a death penalty for the accused if proven guilty. Is the death penalty the only the solution to reduce the number of rape cases? 

What is rape?
Rape has been understood differently in course of various time periods. In the 18th century, it was understood in Europe as black male’s forceful attack on females, especially unmarried or white. This definition gained popularity, courtesy of the initiations of female activists. Similarly, in the 19th century, it was defined as any forceful sexual intercourse, and in the 20th century, it covered husband-wife sexual intercourse without consent as well. 

Some global facts about rape
In the United States of America, Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that 84,376 rape cases were reported in 2012. National Criminal Survey reports suggest that 320,000 rape and sexual abuse cases were reported in 2016. Similarly, Shana Maier writes in her popular book: Rape, Victim, and Investigations, that every 2 seconds, one female becomes the victim of sexual abuse. 

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, according to Independent, 7,613 rape cases were reported in 2017. According to Criminal Survey report, out of five, one woman has faced sexual abuse sometimes after 16 years of age in England. 

In the case of Arabian countries, Jurist Organization’s reports relatively lower numbers of sexual abuse and rape cases. There is a lifetime jail sentence and a death penalty for rape cases but these penalties are not causes of a low number of cases. Women are systematically discriminated against in social, political and economic sectors. By law, if the rapist accepts to marry the victimized female, all punishments can be dismissed. Critics and females activists believe that there are unreported higher numbers of cases. 

Comparatively, China has also has fewer cases of sexual abuse cases. According to Division of United States of America, there were 31,833 rape incidents in 2007 in China but the critics say that the number is higher; due to Chinese culture and tradition, the victims prefer to stay quiet. 

In Nepal, according to the article published in Republica by Pratik Rimal, there are 6,627 recorded rape and sexual abuse cases in the last seven years.  It indicates that every month 78 rape cases are reported in Nepal. 

1. Social awareness in both males and females about rape and sexual abuse
2. Establishment of independent and powerful Investigation Committee in every district where the committee members should be merely females 
3. Increase jail punishment instead of the death sentence because rape cases have not decreased due to the death sentence in other countries and it is also not accepted in the modern culture.
4. Equal political power to female, so that they can develop suitable laws and national strategies to reduce rape.

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