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Published On: May 17, 2018 09:59 AM NPT By: Khagendra BC

Dear! love me once

Dear! love me once

Sweetie! Your love for me, 
In the first place, was hotter than scalding fire, 
Cooler than freezing snow,

Dearest! Your love for me, in the second place,
Was taller than Mt Everest  
And deeper than ocean,
Yes, it truly was, my honey.
 My angel! It exactly was,
I could decipher your love for me, 
After you had become someone else’s,
Inamoratas! The fire is burning in my heart and my soul,
The snow is freezing my blood and my mind,
Now, I just beg you humbly, darling,

Babe! Come, love me again and just one 
time love me again.
The love taller than Mt Everest,
The love taller than Mt Everest 
 Sugar! Love me again and just one time, love me again.
The love deeper than ocean,
The love deeper than ocean.
Yeah! Fling me from the top of Mt Everest 
My beloved! And bury mine leftover bones in deep Ocean,
Underneath the Pacific Ocean,
I’d like to rejoice and savour your love for me.
Right there with my broken bones.
My deary! I want to feel your love, right underneath Pacific Ocean forever and forever, my sweetheart.

dear, love, me, once,

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