Published On: November 1, 2018 09:46 AM NPT

Cosmopolitan Art Exhibition Concludes

Cosmopolitan Art Exhibition Concludes

The ‘Cosmopolitan’ art exhibition at Woodcraft Gallery, Satghumti, Thamel concluded on Wednesday. Artworks of nine different artists were showcased at the exhibition. Some forms of arts exhibited were traditional and contemporary sculpture, ink sketch, paubha, and contemporary paintings.

One of the composition art was ‘Tika’ by Erina Tamrakar. The painting was a portrait of a beautiful woman with a red tika on her forehead.  Tamrakar attempted depicting the importance of tika in the life of a woman. The woman portrayed in the art had her eyes closed. Her forehead was sketched using white parallel lines. One of the featured artists, Pratham Raj Bajracharya, said that Tamrakar tried symbolizing clouds through the parallel lines.  The clouds portray positive vibes. 

A charming innate newcomer also featured in the exhibition: Italian Artist, Carluccio Sangalli. Sangalli’s artworks were commendable. Three of his ink sketches were featured:   ‘Gokarna’, ‘Ancient City of Novate Milanese I and II in the exhibition. Both – ‘Ancient City of Novate Milanese I and III illustrated a vintage monument in Novate Milanese which is his birthplace.  According to the artist, he is trying to revive the ancient Milanese through his paintings.  “Most of the buildings of my birthplace are replaced by new buildings. So through my illustration, I’m trying to give them a new life,” Carluccio said. 

The exhibition also comprised of other artists: Punya Raj Bajracharya, Pratham Raj Bajracharya, Giovanna Caruso, Batsa Gopal Vaidya, Shreejan Rajbhandari and Rabi Tamrakar.  

The exhibition kicked off on Saturday.

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