Published On: August 11, 2019 07:03 PM NPT By: Agencies

Corey Taylor, Nikki Sixx address gun violence in America

Corey Taylor, Nikki Sixx address gun violence in America


The topic of gun violence has been back in the headlines this past week after back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, but sadly it's a topic that has surfaced repeatedly throughout the year. In separate discussions, both Corey Taylor and Nikki Sixx have added their thoughts to the conversation.

Taylor, who was interviewed by The Independent prior to the El Paso and Dayton shootings, stated about the topic of gun violence, "There are too many fucking guns in America. I could walk outside right now and find a gun within minutes. There’s a very toxic gun culture here, it’s a cult, and it worries me.”

The vocalist added, “Music is an easy target because [people in authority] don’t understand it. There’s a complete lack of effort to try to understand it and a lack of willingness to take any portion of the blame for these events."

He continued, “If you’re looking for a certain kind of rhetoric, whether it’s hating black people or gay people or whatever, there are thousands of sites with people posting about it. We’re seeing the repercussions of a failure to address that. They still wanna blame the fucking music, and it’s been happening since the Sixties to ‘85 with Tipper Gore…”

Sixx, meanwhile, posted a photo of the recent issue of Time Magazine that features all of the cities where gun violence has taken place on Facebook and added his own commentary in which he hoped to open up a constructive discussion on what can be done.

His statement reads as follows:

"I AM A GUN OWNER. I WAS RAISED HAVING GUNS LIVING IN THE COUNTRY. THIS IS NOT A PARTY OR A POLITICAL ISSUE ITS A HUMAN ISSUE THAT POLITICIANS CAN FIND SOLUTIONS FOR. THE PURPOSE OF SAVING LIVES.  More than 250 mass shootings in America so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. This week’s @TIME cover features the communities forever changed by these horrific acts of violence.⁣
⁣NOBODY IS TRYING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY. LET THE CONVERSATION BE CONSTRUCTIVE. Background checks on Ammunition? It’s one of a 100 constructive ideas we can discuss…  PS. Please don’t show your ignorance here. This is an opportunity to think outside the box. I am trying too."

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