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Published On: July 2, 2017 06:05 PM NPT By: Sangeet Sangroula

Chinese students helping quake victims

Chinese students helping quake victims

Suggest Nepal government to expedite post-quake reconstruction 
BEIJING, July 2: Frustration over the government’s failure in expediting the post-earthquake reconstruction even after two years of the devastating April 25 earthquake is obvious among Nepalese. However, the aggravation is not limited only among Nepali people.

Having raised money for the quake victims, Chinese students studying Nepali language at the Communication University of China (CUC) are equally disappointed over the delayed reconstruction, and want the Nepali government to reverse the trend.

The 63-year-old university is the only varsity in China which offers Nepali language study course in Bachelor’s degree for Chinese students. As many as 16 students are enrolled for the course once in every four years.

“Since we are students of Nepali language and have spent a good bit of time in the country, we have special attachment to Nepal than any other neighboring countries. News from Nepal about hardships facing the quake victims that have been living under temporary shelters and slow reconstruction of heritage sites even after two years of the disaster disappoints us,” said 22-year-old Luo Jinying, one of the students in Nepali language who has adopted a Nepali name, Grishma.

These students still have fresh memories of when there were in Nepal to help the quake victims. Therefore, they decided to raise money and help supply relief materials to the victims.

As many as 15 Chinese students majoring in Nepali language had stayed in Nepal from September, 2014 till January, 2015. They attended the first four months of their third year’s course as visiting students in Campus of International Languages (Bishwo Bhasa Campus), Kathmandu as part of an exchange program between Tribhuvan University and Communication University of China.

Another student Liang Jiaqi, whose Nepali name is Kareena, said, “As Nepal is a world renowned tourism destination, the government should finish reconstructing the damaged heritage sites pronto.”

However, another student Xue Su, whose Nepali name is Shreya, expressed concern over the delayed reconstruction in worst quake-hit districts.  “People like us from across the world, who love Nepal, helped the country at the time of disaster. Now, it is time for the government to play its part seriously,” she added.

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