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Published On: June 6, 2019 02:51 PM NPT By: Republica

Children in Bansighat Slum observed World Environment Day

Children in Bansighat Slum observed World Environment Day

Photo Courtesy: FB of Prakash Amatya


The children from Bansighat Slum Area expressed their imagination and sent a message on how to save the earth and protect the environment they live in from air pollution and other environmental problems on Wednesday. And the occasion was ‘World Environment Day’.

According to a press statement released by Bansighat Community Center, a total of 35 children from the community gathered to observe the world environment day. The children used their creativity to make colorful drawings, posters and placards with the message of saving the earth and protecting the environment.  

After showing off their drawings, they lined up outside the community center for a short rally across their neighborhood. They walked around Bansighat settlement shouting slogans raising environmental awareness and highlighting the need for clean environment.

Their slogans emphasized the need for a clean air to breath and have a clean Bagmati since the Bagmati River runs adjacent to their settlement and the pollution and smell from the river affects them on a daily basis.

They ended their rally at the eastern end of the Bansighat Settlement. The program helped the children learn about the need for a clean environment. It raised awareness, not only among the children, but also among their parents and community members. They also got a chance to explore their creativity and enjoy as per the press statement.

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