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Published On: March 25, 2022 05:45 PM NPT By: Agencies

Chicken Tikka Recipe

Chicken Tikka Recipe

One of the most popular appetizers of Indian cuisine, Chicken Tikka is a true gem for those who enjoy eating non-vegetarian foods. Be it a restaurant or a road-side dhaba, Chicken Tikka is one of the delicacies that you can always enjoy with your family and friends. To prepare a mouth-watering chicken tikka recipe that is tender and juicy, make sure that you marinate the meat for a longer period for at least 6-7 hours or overnight. Another important thing that you must ensure in this tikka recipe is that you must use thick or hung curd. If you are using normal curd then you might need to whisk it to make it thick. The ideal way is to prepare the chicken tikka in tandoor. However, if you do not have a tandoor in your home, you can grill them in an oven. All you need to prepare this lip-smacking delicacy is boneless chicken, hung curd, mustard oil, ginger-garlic paste, gram flour and a melange of authentic Indian spices. Though, you can use your favorite vegetables for making this tikka; however, it's best if you use onion and mixed bell peppers in it. If you are wondering what to make for your guests in a home party, try this chicken tikka recipe at home and impress your loved ones with this delicious recipe and enjoy!

Ingredients of Chicken Tikka

6 Servings

1 kilograms chicken boneless

1 red bell pepper

1/2 tablespoon garlic paste

1 teaspoon chaat masala

1/2 capsicum (green pepper)

3 tablespoon mustard oil

2 pinches powdered turmeric

2 tablespoon lemon juice

salt as required

1 cup hung curd

1/2 teaspoon coriander powder

1/2 tablespoon ginger paste

2 1/2 tablespoon gram flour (besan)

1 1/2 onion

1/2 tablespoon kasoori methi powder

1 teaspoon red chilli powder

2 pinches powdered black pepper

1 teaspoon garam masala powder

How to make Chicken Tikka


Step 1 Chop the chicken and prepare the marinade

Wash the boneless chicken and pat it dry. Next, slice the chicken into bite-sized chunks. To prepare the marinade, take a large bowl and mix yoghurt, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, salt, garam masala, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, kasoori methi powder and turmeric and stir until well-coated. Mix well and then add mustard oil. Then add, gram flour and chaat masala and mix once again. Once the marinade is done, taste a bit and adjust the seasonings.


Step 2 Marinate the chicken overnight or for 6-7 hours

Add chicken pieces in it and marinate. Cover with a lid and leave it overnight in the refrigerator. The longer you will marinate chicken, the more succulent and juicy it will be. Afterwards, wash the green and red bell pepper, and cut them into cubes in a small bowl. Then, peel the onion and cut it into cubes as well in a separate bowl. Keep them aside until required.


Step 3 Arrange the tikka with veggies

Take the marinated chicken out of the refrigerator and add the cubed veggies in it. Marinate them for 10-15 minutes and line a baking tray with a foil or baking sheet. Put a rack over this baking tray for grilling the chicken tikka. Take skewers and put the marinated chicken in it along with bell peppers and onion cubes. Place them alternately and put these skewers on the rack. Make sure there is space underneath the chicken to help distribute the heat more evenly. (Note: Preheat the oven at 250 degree Celsius for grilling the chicken tikka for a minimum of 15 minutes.)

Step 4 Grill the Chicken Tikka for 20-30 minutes in a preheated oven

Add the baking tray into the heated oven and grill the tikka for about 20-30 minutes until they are tender. You can check after 15 minutes to check if the chicken is half done. Make sure that the chicken pieces are not that big, else it will take more time to cook and the veggies will be burnt by that time. After 20-25 minutes, rotate the skewers so as to cook from all the ends.


Step 5 Serve!

Serve with green chutney. Make sure you try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment below.


Whenever you want to make Chicken Tikka, try to use boneless chicken thighs as they are juicier than the chicken breasts.

For a rich taste in your chicken tikka, make sure that the spices you are using aren’t old. It’s best if you dry roast and grind the spices for marination purposes.

For making restaurant-style Chicken Tikka, it is a must to marinate the chicken twice. First, marinate the chicken with ginger-garlic paste and salt for 20-24 hours. Then, you can...

For that perfect color in your tikka, try not to use any colors. You can use degi mirch or Kashmiri red chili powder. It will give your tikka an amazing flavor as well.

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