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Published On: December 9, 2018 11:45 AM NPT By: Dhana Basnet

Chapakot Bamdi preparing to initiate homestay facilities

Chapakot Bamdi preparing to initiate homestay facilities

KASKI, Dec 9:  Bamdi is a small village in Chapakot, Kaski, comprising a large population of the Janajaatis (Ethnic Groups). Bamdi village is seven Kilometers away from the lakeside of Pokhara and members of the community are planning to initiate homestay facilities in 20 houses of the village. The village is in ward no. 23 of the Pokhara Metropolitan City. With an aim to invite domestic and international tourists, locals of the village are working to build the infrastructures required for the homestay with the slogan ‘homestay is the key factor to the promotion of rural tourism’. 

“We initially planned to operate homestay facilities in seven homes. Later we increased the number considering the people’s enthusiasm,” said Bishworaj Parajuli, president of Chapakot community homestay management committee. He added, “We are planning to operate it soon. Currently, homestay operators are working to install important infrastructures like toilets and bathrooms. Likewise, operators are working to manage other materials that are important for hospitality sector like blankets, comfortable beds, decors and so on.” 

According to the committee, the idea of the homestay is initiated to attract youths who have moved abroad for employment opportunities. 

Ward office of the municipality has granted permission to operate homestay. The village is comprised of residents from different castes including Brahman, Chhetri, Dalit, and Magar. President of Chapakot Tourism Promotion Committee, Bhim Parajuli claimed that establishment of homestay will promote tourism in the village. He said, “International tourists visit the village for camping. So launching this homestay will promote international tourism in the village.” “We are planning to train the villagers of Bamdi about the importance of tourism and its relation to infrastructure, hygiene, cuisines and so on.” The training will be focused on promoting local products in tourism. 

Bishnu Prasad Parajuli, chairperson of the ward said, “The ward office has allocated a budget of RS 1,600,000 to renovate roads in the homestay facility area.  Apart from homestay, villagers will be trained for different productive works like bamboo crafts, animal husbandry, and vegetable farming. 38 private and committee homestays are already permitted in Kaski.”  

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