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Published On: January 6, 2019 05:46 PM NPT By: Sano Prayas

Cell phones down

Cell phones down

With the hunger for knowledge and wisdom, our need to stay informed and updated, we shove ourselves with much information. So, we allow them to be showered upon us every day. “Ping ping”, goes the notification tab constantly, sometimes making us realize that we are literally drowning in it.

All these updates are there because we are eager to be regularly updated. Our need to not miss on many things makes us check our phone each time it vibrates. Some people even have fomo (fear of missing out on many things they usually get from their phones). According to a Ted talk from Paul Miller, who went offline for a year said, "The only thing one would miss if you are offline for a while is the pop culture and pop music."

We just keep watching and scrolling, mostly unknown of what we are looking for. We want to take our minds off routine things. Knowingly or unknowingly, we make this part of our routine more often.

It is just rooted and sickening, yet the most comfortable thing we do more often. Concentration and focus is nil, because of the temptation to be disturbed. Now this is a pattern our mind works with, some researchers say.

We are so hooked up to our phones because they have a range of apps designed to get people addicted. It's a dose of drug everyday that we need. Those drugs were created with a lot of research and strategies spending thousands of dollars just so that individuals are programmed to get the dosage of dopamine.

Because of excessive phone usage, the mind of the individual is trained to run like programs-only in a certain way making them more cranky, short tempered and prone to anxiety in their daily life. So, they wind up using their phones to escape the reality for a while. Thus, there is a loop.                                                                              

Liking and double tapping is apparently a language. It is a medium to 
show our appreciation or connect, not really knowing the person in real-time, yet feeling connected. We are in touch with most only through the updates on various social platforms.

In this need of being more connected to the world, we get more notifications and updates on our Phones than our lives, sounds cliché but sadly true.


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