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Published On: June 14, 2018 06:57 AM NPT By: Republica

Celebrating goals in Silence

The World Cup fever is at its highest. Fans all over the world are all set to pour maximum enthusiasm in support of their favorite team. In Nepal, the fan are  preparing to bring the magic of the games to their locality. It’s only that a limited people get to experience the first-hand feel of the games, but millions simulate a similar feeling courtesy of communal screenings. 

However, be wary that the Nepali government has imposed a strict rule that prohibits fan from causing social disturbances, in excitement, during the games. Though it is welcomed by the more sober members of the society, most football fan are crossed with the government’s recent decision.

My City team met with several football enthusiasts to find out more about their excitement and their plans for this World Cup.

Jyoti Khadka, 25

I love football but I don’t have favorite teams or players. I think World Cup is the biggest festival for football enthusiast. So, I’ve always followed World Cup matches. However, I don’t prefer watching uninteresting matches. I like watching matches with my friends but not many are interested in watching the group stage matches. Only from the semi-finals, I will look to occupy a seat at a pub and enjoy the games. I have lots of childhood memories associated with World Cup. I used to collect lots of flags and paste it on the walls of my room. Similarly, I used to walk wearing jerseys of my favorite teams. 

Diwas Dangol, 33

I admired Brazilian players. This time too, I will be cheering for Brazil. Many strong teams are pitted against each other, but I am hopeful that Brazil will win this time. Other than Brazil, I find Belgium and France strong, with the possibility of winning the cup. I appreciate the government’s decision. It is commendable that the World Cup viewers are discouraged to yell in the middle of the night. However, since it is one of the biggest sporting gala, it is likely for fans watching together to shout in joy or rage.

Nikhil Shrestha, 18

I am a huge Messi fan. Therefore, it’s a certainty that I will be supporting Argentina this World Cup. Since I hardly follow the games of other countries, I don’t qualify to make game predictions. I was only 14 during the last World Cup, and the football craze was relatively subtle. I could not enjoy games that had Lionel Messi to the fullest, but I am planning to watch all games of Argentina. During the World Cup, people pour out their emotions and disturb their surroundings. Therefore, I support the prohibitions the government has imposed against activities that could disturb the peace of night.

Rezin Khadka, 19

I am a firm supporter of Brazil. I hope Brazil will win this World Cup. But I’m expecting a cut-throat competition this time. More than any other country, I think Belgium has the potential to win the cup after Brazil. The last time Brazil surrendered to the German might, our emotions got the best of us turning situations tensed in our locality. I remember the police scaring us away to prevent further damages. Since World Cup comes once in four years, I feel football enthusiasts should have the freedom to unite and celebrate the moment keeping their limitations in mind. Imposing any kind of restriction will spoil the fun. So, the government should amend the regulation contemplating the World Cup spirits. 

Payal Singh, 18

I watch Argentina’s games and hope that Argentina will take home the World Cup. However, Brazil and Germany are equally strong. Be it football or cricket, I like to bet on games and this time also, I am planning to do the same. Last time I was heartbroken to lose bets on Argentina but I am hopeful this time. I think watching indoors is more fun and safe. Doing so, you won’t be disturbing other people who have nothing to do with the World Cup.

Sayara Dangol, 19

I am supporting Germany by all means. Although Brazil and Argentina have the potential to defeat Germany, I hope luck is on their side this time too. Like last time, I will be glued to the screens during Germany’s games. I am planning to enjoy the World Cup with my family. Crowd bursting out on top of their voice can be disturbing. So, it is wise to have invited some regulations to restrict such activity.

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