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Published On: January 4, 2019 05:28 PM NPT

‘BhurBhura Rahar’ trailer released

‘BhurBhura Rahar’ trailer released

The trailer of ‘BhurBhura Rahar’ released on Thursday. The movie is based on ‘Sakhya Nach,’ a form of Tharu dance performed during Dashain and Tihar. The movie is premised on true events.

With the arrival of Dashain, Sakhiya is performed in Tharu villages. Despite their interest, young Tharu men and women can’t participate in the dance. Weak financial condition and other family-related issues prevent their participation.

The story of ‘Sakhya Nach’ revolves around one such family. Written by Sushil Chaudhary, the movie is directed by Madan Chaudhary.

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