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Published On: June 30, 2017 05:15 PM NPT By: Kishan Sangeet Nepali

Bandipur as attractive shooting location

Bandipur as attractive shooting location

BANDIPUR, June 30: There are certain things one has to look for if s/he is directing a film.

And location is one of the vital elements in film making. If the location has captivating natural and cultural heritage, then such location will definitely be the favorite location for any director. 

Moreover, Bandipur has it all where it is being one of the favorite hubs for shooting. It is also known as 'Pahadki Rani' (Queen of Hills) and is located 1,000 meter high above the sea level. The area has wide roads, beautiful settlements, hills, temples, among others that have bewitched the directors.  At Kumari Bazaar you won’t find any automobiles running on the road though the road is wide which one of the unique aspects of Bandipur.  

Nepali films such as ‘Ragat’, ‘Sannani’, ‘Yo Samjhine Mann Cha’, ‘Flashback’, ‘Barosha’, ‘Suntali’, et cetera have used this location. It has been more than two decades now where directors have chosen this location. Not only for movies but this place is popular among music video directors as well. 

Explaining about the reasons of shooting here, Baisha Bahadur Gurung , President of Tourism Development Committee Bandhipur, shared, "This place is blessed by nature and the cultural aspect is also strong. We have beautiful Newar settlement, Pati, temples and more. As per the need of the movie, directors shoot at places such as bazaar, rural area, Thanimai, Radhakrishna Mandir, Campus and Tundhikhel. And this has definitely helped in the publicity of the place and growth of tourism sector."

According to Krishna Thapa, film technician he stayed at Bandipur for one month and selected the location for shooting. Moreover, film production team stays at Bandipur from one week till six month and this has helped in the economic growth along with promotion of the place as per Gurung.


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