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Average students strive for progress, not perfection

Average students strive for progress, not perfection

Thinking and belief make an average student “average”. An average student is never average if he/she truly believes in himself/herself. One’s belief makes what he or she is, it might sound philosophical but it’s true. If a person is performing poorly in a subject it doesn’t make him/her an average student. If he/she truly wants to perform well in it, he/she can put extra effort and time to improve. If a person is willing to do that and just think that it is not his/her cup of tea, it surely makes him/her average in that subject.

Scientifically speaking, the cranial capacity of every single individual of the species Homo sapiens is 1400 CC (i.e. we all are gifted with the same brain capacity).

Coming to what makes you average? It might be your less mark, or maybe an entrance exam you didn’t qualify for or a competition you could quite win? So, if you think not acing one thing makes you an average then you are highly mistaken. A result is always an outcome of all the circumstances you’ve been through and the effort you put into it. So, if being an average student makes you feel average or inferior in any way then you are wrong. Your lack of determination at a certain point in time, or lack of interest in a specific subject doesn’t make you an average person. Any human being who decides to put effort enjoys good results. So, do not compare your “not-so-good” efforts with being average. Buckle up and chin up and most importantly try. Don’t label yourself. Your failure at 10 specific things doesn’t make you average but it makes you wise so that when the time comes you can always choose what’s best for you and there’s no such thing as an Average student or Average lifestyle, it all depends on how you see yourself.

We all have heard the saying that people who get C grades can get a degree. This is true, but society makes it seem like that this is the only thing C’s get. Many people achieve above-average grades throughout earlier years of schooling, but once college hits, they experience the shock factor of not always getting A’s and B’s. This is because, in college, expectations change and who you are as a person is not solely defined on your GPA.

We grew up thinking that getting straight A’s means you are climbing the ladder of success. But once the real world hits, employers are looking for who you are as a person, and 10 years, your grades will mean nothing. I’m not saying that you should strive to earn the minimum passing grades to graduate, I’m saying that it’s not the end of the world when you receive a grade less than what you expected.

If you focus on just attaining straight A’s in college, not only will it mentally exhaust you, it will also limit your entire college experience. There is more to college than just cramming for hours to take an exam. You must be a forward thinker, and set yourself apart from other students. Anyone can get a 4.0 GPA if you try, but you miss out on everything else: building connections, gaining experience, and self-discovery.  Albert Einstein says, “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”

If you drain all of your precious energy to achieve a perfect transcript, you might miss the chance to socialize and meet new people. This is crucial in college because it leads to networking, and networking leads to opportunities. Also, not having to worry about grades 24/7 allows for more time for you to try new things and enjoy different experiences. Finally, if you constantly center your college experience on grades, you become an obsessive robot whose only goal is to maintain good grades. College is a time for personal growth, and you should set not only academic goals but also overall goals to improve yourself as a whole. College life is the springtime of your life.

There’s the bitter truth that, there’s always going to be someone who will be better than you and another one who’ll be worse than you. This works for every individual on this planet. Life is not a competition, rather a chance to explore, learn, be you, and most importantly live. So, live, learn and do your best. Even if you end up with 20k salary and 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen flat know that you made it, with all that you had and you’d be satisfied with it. Now is that mediocrity? Is that average? It doesn’t matter! Forbes doesn’t make a list of average and not so average people. All that matters in life is to be happy. So, stop comparing yourself to others and stop those rat races. Do your best and live and let life decide for you. You’ll come across a lot of people who’ll call you average, don’t be one of your critics. Embrace who you are. The people, who say being average is bad, never really saw their potential and love themselves.

All average students are hard-working and gradually they reach the zenith of success in life. Direction is more important than speed. One must not get discouraged when one cannot score excellent grades. While it is important to graduate, it is important to enjoy the ride to the finish line.



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