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Published On: June 23, 2018 07:35 AM NPT By: Amish Buddhacharya

Aspirations leads to a better life

Aspirations leads to a better life

Aspiration binds the soul with the body in the process of forming a new life. Existence without aspiration is unthinkable. Imagine a pen without a refill or a mobile without a battery; similarly, we cannot imagine our life without hope and ambition. Aspiration paves a path in darkness providing new hope for living, and exploring an optimistic life. 

Overcoming failures, and eventually reach the goal is the basis of happiness. When we start any venture, we are naive towards the processes or its professional approach. We are let down when things don’t go as planned. Nonetheless, life is all about ups and downs, and struggle is the key to success. Life isn’t getting better until you put your heart and soul to it. Life is worthless without hope and ambition. Our hypocrite society will swallow us whole if we lack ambition in life. 

Your hope and ambition don’t let you back out from any project. Take the Nepali youth who travel abroad for a better opportunity for example. Without hope or ambition, they would have stayed back without any quality of life or job.

First of all, forget about backing out from any situation. Give it your best no matter what. If nothing works, look for alternatives. Getting your foot stuck in a bad situation is not necessarily your fault, but it comes down to you to get out of it. Remember, many people are left with stories of failures but only a few can actually boast how they got out of their bad conditions. 

It really comes down to you to choose between failure and success. One should never lose hope and ambition; be yourself and do what you want to do. Aspiration itself is a massive energy which can make or create huge changes in your life. Life without aspiration is impossible, and people who are living there life without aspiration are bound to failures.


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