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Published On: June 26, 2019 05:15 PM NPT By: Agencies

Are sprouted grains healthy?

Are sprouted grains healthy?


Staying fit and healthy in this fast moving world has turned out to be the biggest challenge for many of us! In fact, taking out time from the hectic schedule and stressful life often becomes difficult. So, while dealing with it the easiest way to stay on the track of fitness is by monitoring diet and going for exercise or brisk walk.
However, all these efforts are incomplete without going for a healthy balanced diet as our body needs ample nutrition to function properly. So, we thought of sharing some simple ways to stay healthy and fit by adding not just grains but sprouted grains to make your fitness journey even more healthy and delightful.

What are sprouted grains?

We often relate sprouts with lentils and legumes, but did you know the grains you use to prepare various delicacies can make for nutritious sprouts, which is healthy as well as delightful. Made by soaking whole grains overnight, sprouted grains are generally these three parts of the grain bran, germ, and endosperm. These sprouted grains can be made by soaking the whole grain kernels, allowing the inner germ to sprout. These grains have a little sweet and nutty taste, which gives these sprouts a nice texture. Here’s why adding them to your daily diet is a great idea.

3 health benefits of sprouted grains

Enriched with the goodness of nature, sprouted grains are packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin C, and folate to name a few. The best thing about these healthy sprouts is that you can add them to your daily diet in a variety of ways. The versatile taste of these sprouts makes them a super food for weight watchers. Here are a few more reasons of why adding these sprouted grains to your daily diet will be a good thing to go for!

Low in carbs:

Sprouts in general are low in carbs and less starchy, which makes them a great thing for people suffering from high blood pressure. In case of sprouted grains. These sprouts are loaded with the goodness of plant based protein.


Easy to digest

The sprouted grains are easy to digest as presence of enzymes activities help in changing the starchy carbohydrates present in the endosperm into smaller components, which are easy to digest.

Good for constipation

Sprouted grains are loaded with fibers and work as a natural laxative. In fact, the presence of healthy soluble fibers make these fibers a great food for someone suffering from constipation.

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