Published On: November 25, 2019 02:30 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Anxiety surrounds (POEM)

Anxiety surrounds (POEM)


Have you ever felt that you lack so much of things in life?

People say you are good at many things

But when you stand by the people better than you

There you'll feel like you don't know anything and get into blue


So much of things to learn in no time

So much of desires to let suffocate to chime

You are helpless as you see much younger people getting ahead of you

And the dreams you have designed for yourself has left far behind to start anew.


When you think of life you think of age

Age that has been chained to move straight

And now anxiety surrounds and you feel dejected

The entire moments of melancholy reigns around your head. 


But it's you and it's your time 

Which moves as per rhymes

The rhymes sometimes doesn't sound as per it's nature

But that's the reality and we have no option than to accept and be it's observer. 

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