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Published On: May 3, 2018 09:25 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

And she went

And she went

... And she went
This morning to her home
Boarding a bus hugged me gently
And I missed her badly

Oh my god the time was just mere seconds
And I felt like thousand remembrance.
I looked at her blurring into the crowds
And suddenly she was lost
I kept waiting to see her on the bus window
Where she would look at me and glow
And I would wave hand and see her go
But that never happened and my heart saddened
But I controlled and said, Oh boy, be happy
She’s always there in your memory
So, cherish the moments and enjoy every seconds
Just let her be a free bird
And let her fly anywhere she wants to go.
She’ll surely come to you just give her a time
And let her rhyme the melodies that were created
Will have a meaningful symphony to relate
Oh oh boy, don’t worry much
This will make her to think much
You surely don’t want to hurt her
So, please be in control
And let yourself be who you’re
And always be by her side
No matter how far you both are
No matter how near you both are
You’re always there in her memory
You’re always there in her story.

she, went,

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