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Akanchha and Divya Dev line up together onstage after three years

Akanchha and Divya Dev line up together onstage after three years

KATHMANDU, Nov 25: It was almost three years since actors Akanchha Karki and Divya Dev pair up together onstage. Last time, the duo starred in John Osborne’s play ‘Look back in Anger’ at Mandala Theater in 2015. Thereafter, the Nepali play fanatics closely started following their remarkable acting skill. However, Akanchha and Divya Dev are separately showcasing the acting skill in Nepali theater realm throughout these three years.

As said—‘patience will reward you’, the two have collaborated and come up on stage with their new play—‘Same time next year’ staged at the Kausi Theatre, Teku. Both looked sharp, sensational and dazzling, unfailingly steal the show.  

Originally penned by Bernard Slade: A Canadian playwright in 1975, the romantic comedy play unfolds the story about two people, married to somebody else. They met once a year at the same place for over 24 years.

Directed by  Che Shankar Rijal, the play opened up with a messy room of a hotel. Suddenly, a half-naked man woke up from the bed. He started to look for his clothes that lay on the floor. His name was George Peters—an accountant from New Jersey. The character was played by Divya Dev.  As he wore his clothes, a woman next to the bed also wakes up.  She was Doris-- a housewife in Oakland, played by Akanchha. It seemed like they spend the night together, despite them both being married to others and also have six children between them. As they found a good compatibility and a matching wavelength between themselves, they decided to meet once a year at the same place.  

It was a challenging task for the actors to act in over an hour-long play with lengthy dialogues. It could be monotonous for audiences to listen to more of such long dialogues rather than witness action throughout the play.  But Kudos to the duo for holding the audiences with their flawless acting.  They noticed every detail. Be it the dialogue- delivery or body moments, they successfully adopted throughout their aging process during the play. 

Throughout the play, they make you laugh with the witty dialogues. At the same time, it breaks you down with heart-wrenching scenes. Likewise, the play also involves the Vietnam War, hippy era, feminist movements and many more. 

Besides, the background score that intensified the stage is also commendable. The interior design and props used in the play felt lively and quite realistic. Costumes designed for the play also looked classy. It resembled the fashion back in the 20th century.   

The play is slated to run till December 15 except on Tuesdays. 

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