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Published On: August 6, 2018 10:24 AM NPT By: Kushal Neupane

A Tale of crooked tree and beautiful bird

A Tale of crooked tree and beautiful bird

Atop the rolling hill, luscious and lively green,
Stands a crooked tree, beautiful it had once been.

But its checkered fate had other disturbing plans, 
As the heaven intervened with its lightening edged lance.

The deliberate action of injustice hurt the tree so bad,
Depression engulfed it, the pain nearly drove it mad.

Its once majestic branches now dipped so low,
Even the leaves fell down, making it scary even for crows.

But the wisdom of age enlightens the tree,
As the sense of self pity vanishes; setting it free.

And the tree opens up to the birds that seek shelter,
Becoming the haven for all; a kind loving elder.

Once a broken bird, stumbled upon it; entirely fate,
The tree heard a plight unheard, its inner heart wept.

So the tree opened up to the bird, slowing winning its trust,
And the bird was won over, as the tree’s passion burst.

An even deeper bond of friendship was formed,
When they shared their feelings and sufferings; all reformed.

So inseparable the two had become over time,
That they could not be apart, like the bell and its chime.

But the changes of time wears everything in its wake,
And the weathering tree knew about it; that feeling it couldn’t shake.

But its love for the bird made it ignore the signs,
As its heart started making decisions over its mind.

As the life went on without encountering a hitch,
The tree encouraged the bird to fix its life with a stitch.

The bird began imagining the flight in skies,
And soon the two were out there bidding goodbyes.

The longing friendship between the two pulled the bird back,
But the frequency of the visit decreased and the tree lost track.

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