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Published On: June 27, 2018 12:12 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel and Kiran Lama

A new wave of scientists

A new wave of scientists

After getting through the Iron Gates, many students are left indecisive with their careers. The dilemma of choosing colleges for higher education soon follows once they’re done with their secondary level education. Taking advantage of this indecisiveness, many colleges allure students with an array of schemes. As a result, many of these fresh graduates rush to get through to the institution of their choice. 

Though there are different faculties that one can join after SEE, most prefer science. To find out the reason behind the undying affection for science – considered the toughest -- My City’s Rahat Poudel, and Kiran Lama met with the SEE graduates dwelling around the streets of Maitighar. 

Prashant Khushuwaha 
Judda Ma Vi, Rautahat

I have always had a passion for science, mainly physics. I aspire to be a Civil Engineer in the future. My drive towards the subject and the possibilities it provides, to pursue my professional dream, led me to choose science. My parents are also supportive and happy with my decision. 

Pratikshya Gyawali
Pinnacle Scholars’ Academy, Kalanki

I love science. Though I was under pressure to join commerce, I applied to study science. My only aim is to become a successful dentist. However, I am not certain, but I believe my confidence will boost after I join the science stream. I am hopeful that my parents will support my decision.

Rizan Thapaliya, SEE graduate 
Times School, Kuleshwor

Even though science is considered to be  tough, the facts and theories the subject contains are interesting. I look forward to having a great time as I nurture into an engineer.

Sunita Tamang
Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Bhaktapur

I am going against my family’s will. They want to see me as a bank manager, but I have bigger dreams. I am more inclined towards science as it has a broader scope.

Ujwal Upperti
Nepal Police School, Samakhusi

Science has always been my favorite subject. Even in the SEE examinations, I performed better in science. I dream of becoming a doctor or microbiologist in the future. So, science is the right faculty to pursue my dream.

Kanchan Bhusal
Pinnacle Scholars’ Academy, Kalanki

Well, science is my cup of tea, and I want to turn my dream of becoming a doctor into reality. 

Chandan Shah
Little Star School, Lahan

Science is a curious subject, and at the same time, it ensures utmost productivity. Maybe that’s why I have an appetite for physics. I have always dreamed of being an Engineer. My parents are okay with me choosing the science stream, but they prefer biology over physics. Because of my dream and passion towards the former faculty, I know my engineering dream will come true.




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