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A little girl's diary

A little girl's diary

Dear diary, My mom already had a routine set in her head for the day; destination: Nepal Mediciti. We drove to the hospital that very much resembled America. It was huge, attractive, and clean. As I entered, I was welcomed by the smell of spring blossoms. The hospital was well organized, to say the least, and the state of the art technology was more fascinating. 

My mom, of all things, had booked for a wrong appointment. The impromptu switch delayed our appointment by an hour and a half, so we opted for the next best thing.  My mom asked the nurse if we could come back a little while later. 

She replied, “Yes.”

We then decided to visit one of our relatives who lived about 15 minutes away from the hospital. There, we exchanged pleasantries, had some food, and gossiped until it was time to go back to the doctor. My appointment with the doctor ended at the blink of an eye. 

Then we headed to Sanepa, to meet an engineer. We were forced to take a detour at Dhobighat, inside the JCB building; it was raining cats and dogs. Since the rain was causing havoc in the muddy lane of Dhobighat, there wasn’t much we could do. 

Eventually, even the shelter in the JCB couldn’t restrain the water from entering the shack. Around me, I saw people panting heavily as they shoveled water out from their stores. Soon, they resorted to motors operated pumps before the flood caused additional damage. I blame it on the slow-paced construction. If the construction had finished on time, none of this would have happened. Finally, when it stopped raining, we met the engineer. My mom and the engineer discussed their plans for construction for a while.

I was happy that  the hospitals were finally getting better in Nepal, but Dhobighat was a pity. Nowadays, I frequently hear words such as prosperity and development with the happiness of  the people starting from the grassroot level. I hope to see my country in a good development track and all major development works finish by the targeted deadline.


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