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Published On: January 18, 2018 10:05 AM NPT By: RIHA SHAH

A letter from earthquake to Nepal

A letter from earthquake to Nepal

Have you ever thought if the earthquake that had shook us so bad in the year 2015 wrote a letter to Nepal; what would it be like? Here, have a read

Dear Nepal,
As you know that I’m on a visit to Nepal. This place is so beautiful and mesmerizing. I’m really enjoying my stay here. Yes, mom and dad were right that I would love my vacation here. This place is special as they were also here on their honeymoon in 1934. I had also visited this place earlier in 1988, but I was very small then, so I don’t remember many things. Wow! The natural beauty over here is so eye catching. I don’t feel like leaving this country and going back to Haiti, Japan or Chile.

I guess I’ll be staying here for three more months as I want to explore everything about this land. I’m currently focused on my visit to Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk. The greenery, hills and the view of the mountains have compelled me to fall in love with them. But I still have got many more places to visit like Jiri, Dolakha Bhimsen Temple and Kalinchwok. Nepal is really a heavenly place blessed by numerous natural beauties. But I have only visited the eastern hills and mountains. I want to visit the western parts of Nepal too. I’ve heard from my mom and dad that places like Lumbini, Tikapur, Bardiya and Khaptad National Park in the west are more beautiful. I’m planning to visit those places as soon as I complete exploring the beauties of the East.

I don’t know why but people just scream “aayo” when I’m on a visit, and try to get out of their house as soon as possible with unhappy, scared and crying faces to rush into open places chanting “Ram-ram, Jesus, Allah and what not” but none of these names match with mine. Precious houses, archaeologically important temples, churches, mosques, monasteries, schools and other buildings just collapse in front of me. I could see landslides falling all around the hills. It feels like a bomb has blasted around me seeing the clouds of dust flying in the surroundings. When I was returning from Gorkha to Sindupalchowk via Kathmandu, I realized that the roadways were blocked by landslides and they had developed cracks. I had not noticed so many streams and waterfalls on my way to Gorkha, but I saw plenty of them. I don’t know if they existed before or not. Maybe I was so lost in the beauty of the natural hills that I forgot to notice them earlier. Many living beings are suddenly converted into dead bodies. A happy place suddenly changes into a graveyard. It can’t be a coincidence that every time I’m on a visit that place just gets devastated. Is it because of the unluckiness that I carry with me? But mom and dad tell me that I’m their lucky charm.

But I feel really bad seeing the places get ruined in front of me. I wanted to visit all the three Durbar squares, climb Dharahara, visit Changunarayan temple in Kathmandu valley. I also wanted to visit Manakamana temple after my visit to the beautiful village Barpak of Gorkha, but all of them are in ruins now. None of them actually exist now they are all just messy rubble now.  I hope Nepal will be able to restore all those beautiful places as soon as possible. I don’t know why, but since my last visit to Gorkha I’ve realized that people have started living in open spaces and fields under colorful tarpaulins. Nepal is rich in culture and maybe it’s a part of one of their festivals where they live outside in open spaces.

Mom and dad are on a vacation in Fiji. I hope they are enjoying there. Seeing the destruction in Nepal, I suppose something really bad has happened here. I’m used to seeing these types of destructions. But the destructions over here are a bit different than that in Haiti, Chile and Japan. Nepal has surely suffered a lot. Seeing the buildings collapse in front of me I feel like people in Nepal had used really weak materials to build their houses. Nepali people were never ready for this type of massive destruction. But I must say that Nepali people are brave enough to restore their country once again as a happy and beautiful land. Oh lords! Please help this beautiful country recover all the losses. Hear my prayers and restore Nepal with more beauty. May the departed souls rest in peace!

I’m getting really sleepy now as I’m tired of walking in the hills here. It’s time for me to wrap up. Good Night. 

Yours truly,
Earthquake 2015

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