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Published On: December 29, 2019 01:14 PM NPT By: Republica

7 ways to avoid procrastination

7 ways to avoid procrastination

1. Get organized
Start using a planner, this makes it much easier to keep track of individual assignments and important due dates. 

2. Set simple, achievable goals
Part of the reason we procrastinate is because the task at hand seems too daunting. It’s a lot easier to get started on a project when you establish simple, reachable goals rather than a big, vague plan.

3. Create a timeline/schedule
After you set your goals; create a timeline to complete them. Breaking an assignment into small chunks over time makes it much more manageable. 

4. Set a deadline
If you have an assignment due, aim to have it completed one or two days in advance. That way, if something unexpected happens, you still have extra time to complete it. 

5. Get rid of distractions
It’s important to rid yourself of all potential disruptions before you begin working so you don’t get needlessly sidetracked halfway through your task.

6. Time yourself 
When loaded with assignments, it's easy to overwork yourself. Set a timer for 60 minutes to prevent yourself from burning out. Then you can…

7. Take a break
It's important to take mental breathers from school work every now and then. When your timer goes off, take a 10–15-minute break. Listen to music, take a walk, or scream into a pillow—anything that takes your mind off of work and allows you to relax.

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