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Published On: May 10, 2019 01:54 PM NPT By: Republica

6 ways to speed up your sluggish computer

6 ways to speed up your sluggish computer

Computers can run slow due to many reasons. Sometimes, there might be some problems in the operating system or your computer is outdated. If the storage is almost full or has a virus in it, the speed of the computer is generally affected. So to get rid of a slow running computer, here we have compiled some solutions:


Increase the RAM

If you are running different computer programs at once and your computer has a low RAM size, the chances are high that your computer is speeding down. So opt for a computer with RAM size of more than 8 GB. This will lead to speeding up, even if multiple programs run in the background.


Re-install or upgrade the windows
If you are facing freezing problems with your computer and it is functioning slowly, then know that it’s time to get a fresh Windows installation. Provided that the windows is re-installed or upgraded, all the files in C drive are deleted. So, it makes the computer run efficiently.


SSD stands for Solid-state drive. It doesn’t have any physical disk and it’s 10 times faster than normal hard disks. The bigger the size of SSD, the faster your computer runs. So opt for bigger size SSD for your computer.


Clean the dust in CPU
The dust in the Central Processing Unit (CPU) generates extreme heat in the computer. The heat, subsequently, results in slow processing and malfunctioning of the computer. Due to that reason, the fan in CPU must be cleaned in a certain time period.


Change the thermal compound in the computer
Thermal compound is a paste that is used to promote better heat condition between a microprocessor and a heatsink. It needs to be changed to make the computer work faster.


Upgrade the processor
If the computer is using the old processor, it doesn’t work as expected. It functions slowly and also, faces freezing problems more often.



Honorable mentions:

  • Delete the temp files
  • Install antivirus software



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