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5 Ways To Ensure You Don't Make A Mess While Shaving

5 Ways To Ensure You Don't Make A Mess While Shaving


C'mon, you can't be that dirty. Like, blocking-the-drain-with-your-facial-hair-dirty. The process of shaving does shed hair and with no brains of their own, get scattered all around. Over the basin, in the basin, even on the floor and all over you—it does get messy and there's no saving grace. You splatter some water, wipe it clean and take a quick shower to clean it all the way. But what about times when a bath is out of the question? When all the time you've got won't even suffice for a shave (forget cleaning). Suggestion? Just calm down. With these 5 shaving hacks, do yourself a favor and save the dirty for the bedroom.

1. Don't block the drain

We know, we know—your hair is gonna fall in the basin. And so to say, a lot of it. You're shaving at the basin, why wouldn't it? While you should make it a habit of rinsing your hair down the drain, in case things turn awry—use baking soda and vinegar to unblock the drain.

2. Trimmer first, then the razor

Not like it matters, but save yourself some shaving cream or jokes aside, some effort while shaving. Simply grab a face trimmer, cut your hair length to a bare minimum and only then, strike the razor. Believe us, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble and mess.

3. When a shower post a shave, is not an option

While a shower post a shave is the easiest clean-up, sometimes, it's not even an option. Because clearly, you're in a hurry and the clock's not your best friend. Simple—cover your chest with an old towel/cloth and save yourself the hairy turmoil.

4. Cardboard = Dust Pan

Though, almost a habit—you don't need your fingers to push the trimmed strands towards the drain. Get a piece of cardboard, cut a rectangular piece and use it as a dust pan. Or to be precise, as a 'hair pan'.

5. Rinse the razor often

Through your everyday shaving ordeal, ensure you're rinsing the razor every now and then. To remove the pesky strands, that happen to get stuck in the blades. Besides providing you with the experience of a better shave, this will eliminate the need for a second round of shaving.

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